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Wealth Gap Grows Into Golden Years - by Michael Hill

While on vacation, I found this article in The Detroit News. It's very interesting that we have met with several new clients recently who thought that their 401(k) plans and/or other retirement plans were going to be sufficient to yield of the income they needed when they retire. After helping them review some basic calculations, they understood that they were going to have to accumulate much more wealth in order to retire with the lifestyle that they want.

Please read this article as I believe it will motivate you. 

Economic Dominoes Falling One by One  -  by John Nyaradi

Sometimes we read articles about financial matters which startle us, and possibly even scare us! This article is to promote thinking on your part. We urge you to examine your portfolio to determine how much risk you have taken in your current portfolio. There are plenty of strategies you can implement to offset some of these risks, so after you read this article, let's talk.

College Prof: The Kids are Alright - by Bill McMillan

It's great to find articles in the paper that discuss hard-working young people attending college today. After reading this article, I thought about my daughter, Amanda, and her friends. They seem to work hard on their studies, and at the same time have one or two jobs to support themselves. From my experience, I don't see today's college students taking their college responsibilities i.e studies and attendance too lightly. They seem to be working very hard to do the best they possibly can not only to obtain the best grades, but to also pay as much of their expenses with as little assistance as possible from grants, scholarships, or student loans (as you know, these resources are very limited).

Please read this article. I think you'll feel very good about the Y-generation afterwards.