Frank Cherniawski, CFP®, of Lansing, MI has been in the financial services profession since August 1984, and has helped thousands of individuals achieve financial success with our planning processes.  Frank holds the CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ designation issued in 1991 by the Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards, Inc.  Frank is President of Wealth Management, Inc.

Frank promotes the LEAP SYSTEM® primarily for our clients to provide them access to a process for helping to achieve greater prosperity.  The LEAP SYSTEM® helps you potentially grow your wealth and help achieve your goals.

"Most of our clients have already achieved many goals, but still may not feel confident about themselves, their accomplishments, or their future," says Cherniawski.  "They may not have a clear vision or a plan in place to achieve additional goals.  They may have run out of new ideas.  They may feel disorganized.  Circumstances may be forcing them to manage in a reactive fashion and they feel they are losing control of their finances.  They may be unaware of all their dangers and they may be vulnerable to unexpected events.  They may worry about risk, losing money, and paying too much tax.  They may not be aware of all their options and they may be getting conflicting advice from a variety of sources.  For these reasons, they may feel tired, worn out, and discouraged.  They may not be enjoying life to the fullest.  This is why we promote the LEAP SYSTEM® to provide you with access to a complete process that is designed to help achieve greater prosperity."

"We promoted this process working with our clients during the past 18 years," Cherniawski says.  "We help them understand their current situation, both strengths and weaknesses, and create a powerful vision for their future.  Then we look at the roadblocks standing in their way, develop strategies to overcome them, and review all of the tools in an effort to help them achieve their vision."