At the Wealth Management Institute, we believe that Wealth Creation will increase by following these guidelines:


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  • A minimum of 20% of gross pay must be saved and invested to ensure long term financial well being.

  • Changes in your present finances may result in increased money supply and increased benefits.

  • Our goal is for most, if not all, consumer debt to be eliminated. Prepare to pay cash for all large purchases, including automobiles.

  • An effort to reduce current and future taxes must be a continuous goal. Tax savings will not be spent, but used to increase savings and investments.

  • Continually reduce ongoing financial expenses, such as insurance premiums. Financial expense reductions will be used to increase benefits, or savings and investments.

  • Build cash reserves for emergencies, opportunities, and lifestyle experiences.

  • Eliminate small, under-performing, investment accounts.  Combine these assets with other, larger, financial opportunities.

  • Broaden your investment options.

We Follow a Team Approach to Help You Achieve Your Goals: