Frank Cherniawski, CFP®

Frank Cherniawski, CFP®

What you can expect during our first meeting:

  1. We will ask about your financial concerns and objectives. 
  2. We will review the steps of our planning processes, whether we will use the LEAP System® or The Creative Income Strategy™.
  3. Once you determine that we are on track to deliver the correct strategy to meet your concerns and objectives, we will discuss how much time we will need together and our fee to deliver the process.

Items to bring to your first meeting:

  • Auto Insurance Declaration Sheets.
  • Homeowners Insurance Declaration Sheets.
  • Copies of Umbrella Liability Declaration Sheets.
  • All debt information including outstanding balances, monthly payments required, and current interest rates. Include all mortgage information or bring your closing papers with you. If you refinanced your mortgage or bought a new residence within the last calendar year, we need to review all of your closing papers and/or mortgage refinance paperwork.
  • Copy of your latest Benefit Election Statement for employer provided benefits.
  • Description of Employer provided or personal Disability Insurance.
  • Description of Hospitalization/Major Medical Insurance.
  • Social Security Earnings History Statements.
  • Copies of Wills and/or Trust Documents.
  • Current Copies of all Life Insurance Policy Statements.
  • Current Statements of Wealth Creation Account Balance.
  • Copies of three consecutive paystubs.
  • Copies of Bank Statements: Savings or Checking Accounts.
  • Copies of Credit Union Statements: Savings or Checking Accounts.
  • Copies of all United States Savings Bonds.
  • Statements for Certificates of Deposits.
  • Money Market Statements.
  • Current Statements of your Pension Plans / Profit Sharing / 401(k) Plan / 403(b) Plan / 457 Plan / TSA Plan / Deferred Annuity Plan.
  • Copies of all current Statements from investments, including Mutual Funds, Stocks and Bonds, Real Estate and Limited Partnership.
  • Copies of your last 3 years of Income Tax Return(s).